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Giving Thanks ~

On this Thanksgiving day I give thanks for my dogs. Like any good Belgian they’re always game to try anything at any time which makes life exciting! When one competes the others have to just relax and take a back seat. That is the hardest part, waiting their turn! So today I want to give one of my dogs an extra shout-out for being the awesome dog that she is!


She’s been my “problem child,” but she’s a fun girl and has a sweet side with me. I’ve given her time to mature and train K9NW along with everyone else, but at the back of the line with competitions. (If you’ve been with us at any nosework trial she’s usually the one who starts the barking with my pack who all join in!)

Tricks and I had the privilege of competing recently in two back-to-back NW3 competitions. We are still feeling our way as teammates. I’m not sure what to expect from her and she’s still getting used to being the one in the spotlight. Despite the mistakes we made, I learned that she is focused and driven to finding odor, not overly distracted and eager to work in new environments. We had so much fun!! 


As is good sportsmanship, I stayed to the very end of the awards ceremonies to celebrate with our fellow competitors for each event. In the first I was certain we ended up near the bottom of the pack but was thrilled to learn that we earned a second place in Vehicles, which we RARELY ever get to practice! 

In the second trial I felt like we were very in sync! We did have one error so earned a leg but no title. However, we ALSO earned a placement in Vehicles! Wow! Then our Certifying Official attempted to award us with two element titles – VEHICLES and INTERIORS – but I had to decline since this was only our second NW3 trial.


A couple of days ago I started to write to NACSW to “correct” the mistake in our files regarding the element titles but was REMINDED that Tricks and I had actually competed in an NW3 trial back in May, which means she DID actually earn the titles! MY BAD! Since I am actively competing with three dogs (and obviously can’t seem to keep track of who does what!) I dusted off the element title ribbons I already had for a quick photo shoot with Tricks. 

Bravo, little girl! You are destined for big things and will be giving your brother a run for his money soon enough! I can’t wait to cross the start line with you the next time. 

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