COVID/Liability Waiver



I understand that the behavior of dogs cannot be guaranteed. I also understand that the behavior of domestic animals is sometimes unpredictable and that some domestic animals are capable of inflicting serious personal injury or death, as well as extensive property damage. Knowing the, risks I agree to assume ALL those risks including, but not limited to; assuming the financial responsibility of any possible litigation arising from any incident which I may be involved. I release, indemnify, and hold harmless Kimberly Buchanan, Joyride K9 Dog Training, National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC and their Employees, Officers, Directors, Agents, or Contractors from any and all damages or personal injury. Any incident involving myself, the location or those pets or actions of other participants and spectators will be my sole responsibility and I assume all financial liability and will also assume all and any financial costs associated with my actions.

I also affirm that the dog I will be participating with has current vaccinations appropriate to his/her age and state requirements. I acknowledge and have read to the specific JK9 policies regarding Covid-19 and I agree to abide by all rules of the class.
In addition to the above, I understand that participating in this event, even as an auditor, holds some risk. My dog and I may be exposed to challenging, treacherous or unstable footing and accept all possible risks associated with participating or observing any type of detection style training or competition. I agree to hold harmless Kimberly Buchanan, Joyride K9 Dog Training, National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC, and their Employees, Officers, Directors, Agents or Contractors including but not limited to the event location’s agents or owner and to accept responsibility for all litigation and financial obligations arising from any unforeseen event in which I may be involved.

I also understand that Joyride K9 may subsequently use, for publicity or promotional purposes, my name or pictures of my pet or me without liability or obligation to me.

I have read, understand and agree to the above.


I understand that public relations are an important part of participating in a K9 Nose Work® event. I give Joyride K9 Dog Training and their organizers the right and permission to use my name, likeness, and voice, together with my endorsement or testimonial (whether written or oral), in all types of advertising and promotion. This right and permission includes photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, and all other media in which my name, likeness, or voice may be reproduced. I ask that the above-mentioned use reasonable efforts to give me advance notice of any such use, but such notification is not a condition to release media for the public relations purposes.

I have read, understand and agree to the above.


JK9 wants to keep you and us as safe as possible, and will meet the restrictions that our county has in place.

If you are in an at-risk group please considering staying home at this time.​

Please read through the rules. Essentially, we want to keep the building and surrounding areas as clean as possible by limiting all contact between students as well as limiting contact with surfaces at the facility.

Your participation confirms your understanding and acceptance that attending classes is at your own risk.


#1 rule – if you are someone you are around is showing symptoms, feel sick, have tested positive or have a possible exposure, do not come to classes for 14 days after exposure or symptoms shown or cleared by a physician.

Masks – ​Medical masks w/a vent IF FILTERED, double- or triple-layer tightly woven cotton or other fabric, disposable fitted masks are all acceptable. NO MASKS W/UNFILTERED RELEASE VALVES, NECK GAITERS OR BANDANAS PLEASE!  Masks are required if you are in the building (for searching or to use the bathroom or spectating IF pre-arranged) – including the instructor. They are required outside the building and if near others in the parking area. If you haven’t yet, it is suggested you expose your dog to people wearing masks. 

Building Usage – We may or may not be gathering in the building. I will let you know prior to class if we will have the option of crating dogs inside during the summer heat. We will start class outside and do all discussion outside. When we are searching inside, it will be just the instructor and the handler/dog in the building unless specifically instructed (see below).

Observation – I understand the value of observation but priority will go to keeping everyone safe. If observation can be accommodated, it may be limited to certain areas with spectators using an alternate entrance from the dog searching. Only ONE student at a time allowed in other areas of the building. You should only enter the building to use the bathroom or for a search or for spectating as specifically mentioned above.

Private Coaching – This is with ONE handler/dog at a time, no spectators unless previously arranged.

Social Distancing – ​Please stay 6’ away from everyone at all times unless you live in the same household. There is no option for mutual consent to disregard the 6’ rule.
​For the foreseeable future please do not bring “visitors” to class.
There will be no community food/snacks for the time being.
Please wear masks and practice social distancing outside the facility on the street parking during the time you are at class.

Supplies – It is recommended to bring your own chair from home if you wish to be seated. Since I cannot control other building occupant behavior, please do not sit on the chairs in the facility unless specifically directed and please do not plan on using anything available at the facility except as noted. Please bring water for yourself and your dog from home.

Bathrooms – The front door of the facility will occasionally be open for ventilation. If no one is in the entrance you may enter to use the bathroom – one person at a time only. If the door is not open, please ask to use the bathroom prior to entering the building.
Wash your hands/use hand sanitizer – lots!!

Trash – Please take your trash and recycling home and do not use the facility trash other than paper towel for drying your hands in the bathroom.

Disinfecting – The facility high traffic areas will be sprayed or wiped down with a disinfectant at the end of our classes as per the rules of the property.

I have read, understand and agree to the above.

Stay safe – if you have suggestions for safety, please let me know.